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The Himalayan Cleanup - Our story from the mountains 

The Himalayan Cleanup - a day to show our love for the mountains. This simple idea that took shape in 2018 grew to become one of the biggest campaigns that our mighty mountains witnessed. The idea was simple, but it was powerful too. It was not just a regular cleanup. We wanted to understand what was in our waste, and who were the top polluters of the mountains. 

An open call for participating in THC had more than 250+ organisations and institutions from across the mountains joining in. From Jammu and Kashmir to Sikkim to Arunachal Pradesh, people came together to bring to the forefront the issue that everyone was grappling with. 


15000+ volunteers got involved on a single day to clean up and to flip the narrative that mountains are fast changing and no longer pristine and pure. "Not a patch of ground is free from plastic waste" The Himalayan Cleanup revealed in 2018.

In 2022, we continue the movement of raising our voices against plastic pollution. 



Every act of ours generate waste. Cleanup is a good opportunity to look internally and think about our own contribution to the waste load. 

What can I buy less of?

What can I reduce?

What can I simply say no to? 

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Integrated Mountain Initiative

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